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Fundamentally different experience, not consulting

Our delivery methodology is open, backed by the cutting-edge technology. We provide an automated audit of your SIEM deployment combined with manual review by our seasoned Threat Hunting and Incident Responce team. Deliverables include executive and technical report as well as detailed spreadsheet structured per ATT&CK Tactics. Report outlines gaps in log sources, data quality issues, detection rules coverage and recommendations to address them. Links to recommended community and exclusive SIEM content are included for: correlation rules and queries, Sigma rules, SOC ready dashboards and Machine Learning models.

Sample Report
Maximize the outcomes at groundbreaking speed

We received an extensive audit of our massive SIEM installation including hundreds of log collectors and tens of thousands of devices within 3 business days. Every log source issue was covered with solution provided. No other vendor we talked to in last 24 months could propose anything that is even remotely close. Outstanding work.

Information Security Manager,
Fortune-100 international company with 50,000+ employees.

> 10 000 devices
100+ log collectors
< 3 days
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If you have read this far, perhaps you are part of the world class SOC, Threat Hunting or Incident Response team and we have great news for you! You can have access to the first in the world cross-platform SOC content marketplace and upgrade your capabilities with for free with 28,000+ content items built by community. This includes correlation rules, search queries, SOC dashboards, parsers and machine learning models. After all we all have to continuously address content requirements for threats, controls and assets with our SIEM Use Cases just like stated in the Gartner research "How to Develop and Maintain Security Monitoring Use Cases" at https://www.gartner.com/document/3844970 . SOC Prime team is ready to help on the Research and Developmentyour cyber defense capabilities, let's do this together? to so your team can stay on top of the latest threats.

Technological advantage to Upgrade to NextGen SIEM

We are ready to help you with vendor-agnostic and transparent insight into your SIEM and Threat Hunting operations already today. And if you have a SIEM migration project coming up to consolidate different technologies or move to the Next Generation SIEM we can support you on that challenging journey. An audit may be a starting point, yet bigger advantages will be realized by migrating and refactoring the SIEM content you have in place to the new platform, without losing a moment of visibility. We have a proven track record of delivering such capabilities to Fortune-100 and Forbes Global-2000 companies in the US and in the EU. SOC prime is focused on improving your cyber defense capabilities, let's do this together?

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