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Vulnerability intelligence

Is used for real-time Dynamic risk scoring, enriching the data from QualysGuard platform

Business risk context

Helps to connect technical data with the real world environment and business risks

Threat and Attack Intelligence

Derived from Anomali ThreatStream and MISP to mitigate vulnerabilities proactively

  • Actionable metrics
  • Trends tracking
  • SOC Dashboards
  • SIEM alerts
  • Risk reports
  • Easy workflow
  • Complete integration
Security experts feedback
IT, Digital and DevOps feedback
7 use cases that our clients use CyberView for:
  • Harden IT assets against advanced cyber attacks
  • View and report on metrics in matter of seconds
  • Use mobile easy workflow for Risk Mitigation
  • Gain a holistic view of static and dynamic risks by location
  • Obtain IOCs to block attacks on vulnerable assets
  • Reduce SIEM license costs & improve its performance
  • Receive timely actionable alerts for SOC & IR operations
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You drive the process, we take care of engineering

  • Enable streaming of Qualys platform data to any system
  • Get the best in the integration with ArcSight, Elastic, QRadar, Splunk
  • Leverage the ongoing Proactive support Explore metrics and risk data up to 3 years in seconds
Stay in control of your data
  • CyberView is delivered as Elastic stack App or Virtual Appliance
  • Full Role-Based Access Control and holistic view capabilities
  • Hardened and turn-key for on-premise or cloud deployment
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The value of fusion of vulnerability and threat intelligence and SIEM allows us to truly prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities in terms of risk (dynamic and static). We went from many identified vulnerabilities to the few that are #1 priority to fix. A valuable result was provided in just 3 days: a complete deployment of the product, system tuning, correlation and automatic prioritization. This is far ahead of anyone else on the market."

One of the Europe's largest International Airports, 2018

In 2017 WannaCry, BadRabbit and similar attacks were devastating because they relied on a widely known fact: it is simply impossible and unfeasible for any global business to patch every single vulnerability. Our reality is that businesses and even specialized security companies have given up on Vulnerability management. They treat such data as yet another weakness indicator they simply can’t influence. It is just another noise signal in a daily life of a security specialist, let alone company management. In order to change this a radically new approach needs to be adopted by business and security leaders. It has to be fast, easy to use, secure and leverage every defense tool in organization’s disposal instead of simply relying on patches. CyberView was designed exactly for such a task. Instead of building yet another scanner we simply integrated with the #1 solution in the industry: the QualysGuard platform that has proven itself for over 19 years. And by adding our security knowledge, SOC expertise and Threat Intelligence leaders into the mix the complete solution became possible. It is now available for any company willing to secure their future.”

Andrii Bezverkhyi, co-founder & CEO, SOC Prime.
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