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Sigma Rules List to Detect the Most Common Behaviors and Tools Used in Destructive Cyber-Attacks

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SOC Prime users are now armed with high-quality detection content to proactively defend against the most common adversary behaviors and tools applied by threat actors in destructive cyber-attacks. The Sigma Rules list called “Smoking Guns” is based on the recommendation engine that harnesses collective industry expertise and peer-driven feedback from 8,000 global organizations.

SOC Analysts are overwhelmed with large pools of data coming from multiple sources accompanied by huge volumes of false positives, which creates alert fatigue and contributes to the security burden. This sets a high demand for proper content prioritization and an increasing need for high-quality, context-enriched detection algorithms. Leveraging the recommended Sigma Rules list available in SOC Prime’s Detection as Code platform allows seamlessly addressing prioritization hurdles with access to high-fidelity alerts and threat hunting queries that any security team should have to streamline their SOC operations.

Detect Current and Emerging Cyber Threats with Curated Sigma Rules List

Security practitioners can apply the recommended Sigma Rules List that each SOC team should have for:

  • Streamlined content selection on the Advanced Search page by selecting the corresponding sorting option

  • Running instant hunts in the selected SIEM or EDR environment via Quick Hunt

  • Continuously streaming detection logic from this Content List directly into the organization’s environment via Continuous Content Management by linking this list to the corresponding Job

Note: Organizations can access the scope of detection content from this list available in SOC Prime’s platform according to their active subscription plan.