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Handle Zoom bombings, malware spreading, COVID19 phishing & God knows what else

Friday, 3 April, 2020, at 3 PM (GMT+3)

This Friday let's talk about protecting our Work From Home and remote communication environments. SOC Prime team invites you to discuss Zoom based attacks, COVID19 phishing, APT41, and home router attacks.

Please join us for a 1-hour session to speak aloud about the threat actors, threat trends, and WFH attacks on Securing Zoom, home DNS and fighting COVID19 Phishing webinar. We will share Zoom hardening, logging and policy tips we have implemented and even discuss deploying Pi-Hole for securing your home DNS traffic from malware and ads. We will analyze early attack detection approaches leveraging IOCs and TTPs. We will also speak about the change in the trend of attackers behavior and how we stand up against it as a global community.

Cybersecurity has been experiencing an unprecedentedly challenging experience caused by a burst of a number of specialists having to keep a distance from their company infrastructure in order to save the world. As never before, the entire industry is placing their hopes on the technologies proving the ability to unite staff members working remotely. Although, cybersecurity shall keep an ear to the ground about the risks of any technology exploitation.

SOC Prime is welcoming guardians of the enterprise cybersecurity: CISO’s, SOC engineers, SOC analysts and infosec practitioners to join the Securing Zoom, home DNS and fighting COVID19 Phishing webinar.

Andrii Bezverkhyi
CEO, SOC Prime
Vladimir Garaschenko

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