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SOC Prime’s Center of Excellence for Amazon Web Services

Fusing the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SOC Prime innovation to drive a transformational change in cyber defense. Rely on zero-trust, multi-cloud, and cost-efficient security operations to future-proof your cyber resilience.


SOC Prime & AWS Сollective Expertise

We have established a robust partnership with AWS through SOC Prime’s technical integration with Amazon Security Lake to empower organizations with smart data orchestration, comprehensive attack surface visibility, and automated threat hunting, leaving no chance for a data breach to go undetected on their watch.


Backed by 10K+ Sigma rules tailored for OCSF and 27+ SIEM-native formats, SOC Prime applies the multi-cloud cybersecurity strategy helping organizations optimize costs and avoid vendor lock-in.


Being in line with the NIST ZTA milestones, SOC Prime provides cross-platform analytics and complete threat visibility by querying data via Amazon Athena and OpenSearch in its native location.


Automatically calculate cost savings with less manual effort and more cost-efficient threat hunts by moving data with frequent hits to Amazon OpenSearch.

Risk-Optimize Your Cybersecurity Posture Powered by SOC Prime and Amazon Security Lake

Through integration with Amazon Security Lake and backed by SOC Prime’s advanced cybersecurity solutions, Attack Detective, The Prime Hunt, and Uncoder AI, organizations can boost their cyber defense capabilities at scale.

Attack Detective: Enabling Smart Data Orchestration and Automated Threat Hunting

Providing a dynamic, prioritized, and comprehensive understanding of the exposed attack surface aligned with MITRE ATT&CK® and enriched with CTI illuminates a path for mitigating threats thus ensuring existing people, process, and technology operate at full capacity.

Alertless SOC

Act smarter with less effort by focusing on incident investigation rather than analyzing overwhelming volumes of alerts.

Smart Data Orchestration

Identify missing data and reduce blind spots to continuously improve the observability of the latest threats, CVEs, and attacker behaviors.

Complete Data Visibility

Link and correlate with EDR and on-premises SIEM data without moving it to the cloud to identify the existing security gaps.

Accelerated Efficiency

Automatically partition Amazon Security Lake to boost resource efficiency and reduce costs of threat hunting and IOC matching.

No Rules to Code

Tap into open-source logic powered by 10K+ Sigma rules mapped to MITRE ATT&CK acting as one primary correlated algorithm for all known bad actors.

Uncoder AI: Unleashing the Power of AI for Advanced Detection Engineering

By joining forces with Amazon Security Lake, SOC Prime unleashes the power of Uncoder AI, an Augmented Intelligence framework, enabling customers to save development time and migration costs with re-usable threat hunting queries automatically convertible to Amazon Athena and OpenSearch in the standard Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OSCF) format.

The Prime Hunt: One UI for Platform-Agnostic Threat Hunting

The Prime Hunt open-source browser add-on enables security professionals to extract valuable data from large datasets at a lower cost. Users can seamlessly run threat hunting queries on security logs within the Amazon Security Lake account via a web browser in both Athena and OpenSearch and automatically identify accounts and assets affected by the suspected activity.

On-Demand Amazon Security Lake Expertise

With the guidance and support of SOC Prime Team, you will receive hassle-free migration of log sources and custom detections to Amazon Security Lake.

Swift & risk-free migration experience

SIEM migration to cloud might be burdensome due to an array of APIs, plugins, third-party services, and a diverse tech stack. With SOC Prime, you can seamlessly move beyond the constraints of legacy solutions and smoothly transition to Amazon Security Lake.

Guided product & log source integration

SOC Prime provides support for the development, implementation, and integration of all available custom log sources and assist in connecting already integrated ISV solutions to Amazon Security Lake.

Smooth migration of custom use cases

Detect any threats and TTPs faster and at a lower cost by migrating all your existing use cases to Amazon Security Lake. We support multiple languages to transition to the Amazon Athena and OpenSearch formats compliant with the OCSF data schema.

Get Started with SOC Prime

Explore how SOC Prime can empower your organization with a zero-trust & multi-cloud cybersecurity approach backed by collective industry expertise to always stay ahead of the curve and extract more value with less effort.