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Join the world’s first Bounty Program for cybersecurity defenders to craft your own detection content, publish it to the industry-leading Detection as Code platform, and get rewarded for your valuable input.

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First-Ever Bounty Program for Cyber Defenders

Driven by a mission to unite cybercommunity on a global scale to proactively defend against emerging threats, SOC Prime has introduced its Threat Bounty Developer Program.

Craft your own SOC content

Custom SOC content based on the contributor’s research and published to the world-leading Detection as Code platform with 14K users.

Receive regular payouts

Rewards and rating system that reflects the need for your content by the global community of security performers.

Catch up with the latest trends

The verified Wanted List requests on the most demanded content for Threat Detection and Incident Response.

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Join Defenders Working for Better Cybersecurity

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Go through skills assessment

Complete entry submission by sharing your professional cybersecurity profile for the most efficient collaboration.

Contribute to our Detection as Code platform

Publish your original SOC content to Threat Detection Marketplace, including Sigma detections, Snort and YARA rules, log parsers, Azure Sentinel playbooks, analytic Dashboards, and more.

Get rewarded

Receive your rating-based recurring rewards calculated in regards to the content type and users’ evaluation.


Gain More with Threat Bounty

Recurrent payouts

Convert your threat hunting expertise into continuous financial benefits.

Continuous tech skills enhancement

Hone your cyber defense skills and broaden your expertise through collaborative research and content contribution.

Networking and knowledge sharing

Become part of the global community of cyber defenders, join our dedicated Slack space, and stay connected.

Personal brand with market leader

Build up your cybersecurity profile by publishing curated content in front of the global 14k+ Threat Detection Marketplace audience and gaining professional recognition.

How SOC Prime Supports Collaborative Research


Contributor recognition

While building an efficient, trusted, and a close-knit cybersecurity community, SOC Prime always stands guard over the ownership rights of threat detection content contributors.

Open source support

SOC Prime embraces the community values by expanding the support of open source projects, like the YARA-L and Sigma generic languages.

Knowledge sharing

Boosting the collaborative cyber defense efforts, SOC Prime has launched the dedicated Slack space for security performers and regularly holds deep dive online webinars.

Community and knowledge- sharing

  • Researches


  • Detection rules


  • Paid in bounty


  • Threat bounty content


    Of all content used by paid subscribers

Cyber Library

Explore our Education Portal to stay updated on the latest cybersecurity events hosted by the SOC Prime experts and our partners. We’ve created this space to help cybersecurity enthusiasts master their threat hunting skills through direct access to free educational resources.

Submit Content and Earn Money with Your Contributions

Start now with our Threat Bounty Program and add to the global cyber defense for the better future.

Boost Your Cyber Defense Capabilities

Supercharge your threat detection and response capabilities by joining the industry-first Detection as Code platform.