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Explore our "Detection as Code Innovation Report" to find out how SOC Prime harnesses the power of collective expertise to transform threat detection worldwide.
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What is Detection as Code?
SOC Prime is the original innovator and primary driver of the concept “Detection as Code”, the revolutionary, flexible, and comprehensive approach to threat detection coined by (former) Gartner’s distinguished analyst Anton Chuvakin. The goals of the Detection as Code approach are as follows:
Enable collaborative expertise to counter a highly capable adversary
Freely share information to enhance security capability
Accelerate threat detection capabilities to ensure optimal security is continuous
Deliver relevant and timely content dynamically
Innovative SOC Teams embrace the new Detection as Code paradigm to supercharge their SOC operations.
Benefits of Detection as Code Approach
Building Curated Cross-Tool Detections
Applying a generic, vendor-neutral Sigma standard for expressing threat hunting queries ensures their flexibility of use across multiple security solutions.
Test-Driven Development (TDD) Approach
Running a CI/CD lab for all supported technologies enables continuous testing and validation of the content quality to ensure detection efficacy.
Integration with Version Control Systems
Detection algorithms follow a life cycle of continuous improvement. Version control enables practitioners to optimize and update detections as needed.
Automated Workflows
Automation of detection procedures and threat hunting tools allows keeping pace with continuously emerging threats and ever-changing attack vectors.
Code Reusability
The flexibility of the Detection as Code approach enables reusing code across multiple detections with minor adjustments and fine-tuning for a particular use case.
SOC Prime’s Detection
as Code platform
SOC Prime’s Detection as Code platform was created to enable this collaborative and continuous approach to cybersecurity by implementing full Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery (CD) workflow for detection procedures, which ensures near real-time delivery of detection content directly into the organization's SIEM, EDR or XDR stack.
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We believe in a future where the capabilities of cyber defense teams match those of would-be attackers. Progressive organizations come to realize that keeping pace with threat actors is only possible with the power of collaborative cyber defense rather than individual teams’ efforts.
Andrii Bezverkhyi
Founder and CEO at SOC Prime
Driving global industry
In a world where cyber-attacks are continuously increasing in volume and sophistication, keeping pace poses a challenge to individual organizations. Driving global industry collaboration offers a promising path forward for transforming cyber defense. No single organization can match the collective capability enabled by SOC Prime’s Detection as Code platform which is continuously enriched and advanced by global cybersecurity expertise.
Threat Detection Evolution
Enterprises have diverse infrastructure, use multiple tools, and adhere to different cybersecurity frameworks and regulations, while the cybersecurity challenges and industry-specific threats are the same. SOC Prime builds the network that defends itself powered by the collective expertise of a global threat defender community. Here’s how collaborative cyber defense contributes to the future of threat detection.
Collaborative cyber defense that produces behavior-based detections enables ultra-fast threat detection and is key to outpacing capable adversaries.
Automating threat hunting tools is critical to success as the pace of attacks requires machine speeds to keep up.
Capabilities Becoming Attributes
Threat hunting and detection engineering are becoming a mainstream capability for organizations to outpace an increasingly active cyber adversary.
Tactical Awareness with MITRE ATT&CK®
Tagging detection content with the MITRE ATT&CK framework simplifies cybersecurity operations and boosts effectiveness.
Talent Shortages Alleviation
With all of the vast tools and resources enabled by cybersecurity standards like Sigma, organizations can close talent gaps in defensive cybersecurity engineering.
Threat Detection Acceleration
Detection data will become freely shared across the global cybersecurity community, available 24/7, highly searchable, and updated in real time.
Detection as Code Innovation Reports by SOC Prime
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