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Sigma & MITRE ATT&CK® Education: Partner Programs for Universities

By partnering with universities in Ukraine and worldwide, SOC Prime trains cybersecurity enthusiasts on Sigma and ATT&CK to bolster the ranks of cyber defenders powering collective cyber defense.


Global Cybersecurity Workforce Gap

Source: (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study, 2022


Job Opportunity Growth in Cybersecurity

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics


Organizations Facing Cybersecurity Talent Shortage

Source: (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study, 2022


Organizations Lack Qualified Cybersecurity Staff

Source: (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study, 2022

About Educational Programs

In 2022, we started to work with leading Ukrainian universities to drive collective cyber defense and enrich global industry expertise with new creative minds. By introducing cutting-edge Detection-as-Code practices powered by the Sigma language and ATT&CK standard to a broader audience, SOC Prime contributes to a safer future in cyber by connecting a global community of security practitioners.

Our Partners

Educational Courses

Sigma: One Common Language for Cyber Defenders

Gain insights into Sigma basics, explore practical methodologies of its application, and acquire skills of writing Sigma rules.

MITRE ATT&CK Framework: Analyzing and Attributing Cyber Attacks

Learn the MITRE ATT&CK basics and apply the framework in practice to analyze cyber attacks, identify threats, and prioritize cyber defense activities.

Collective Cyber Defense: Tools and Methodologies of the Global SOC

Explore the concept of collective cyber defense and master key instruments and methodologies based on SOC Prime technologies.

What We Offer

Team of Experts

Lectures delivered by the SOC Prime team of seasoned experts with experience in 25+ SIEM, EDR & XDR technologies who will take students step-by-step on their journey to master Sigma and MITRE ATT&CK skills.


Educational Resources

SOC Prime offers a wealth of learning materials to move through the courses faster and more efficiently. All students will have lifetime access to SOC Prime’s resources for self-advancement.


Grants & Certifications

We provide grants for Sigma rules and MITRE ATT&CK Defender (MAD) certifications acknowledged by peers for the best students after successfully completing the educational course.



Best students will be offered an internship at SOC Prime, where they will work on real industry projects in the international team of cybersecurity experts and hone their practical skills that will be a perfect jump-start to land on their first job in cyber.



Have Questions?

Eager to learn more about Sigma and ATT&CK education or become our partner? Let’s talk!